Blue Flower

Who are we?


An "Ethical Profitable, United Legacy of Artists."  "We make thinking Fun!"

"We are not here to tell good people about ethics we are here to help good people with their ethics when the reasons are not always clear, through a collection of wisdom."

"We empower the Artist with through the business of Social Change"

These statements are our mantras, they sound all nice and idealistic but very hard to keep true to do what's right.  These statements may seem contrary to whom and what we provide but they are not, they hold our philosophy and our reason to help society into better systems and changes.  Creating multimedia content that is unique, rememberable and life changing not only for your markets in profitability but also helping change the world for a better place for all Human Beings present, and future to live. 






We provide many services from Production to Post Productions services including teaching with help from the Toronto Arts Council Grant,     Creative Consulting, and also we provide Television/Film/VOD content for all media platforms. We are Creative Producers, we can create content easily whether your story is 30 seconds to 90 minutes, our creative genius Artists on board will give you an edge which no multi media company can give you.  We work in collaboration with other Artists and realize that creating a work of Art for your Company with all the correct Marketing Triggers is what's important.

There is nothing worse than depending on a sloppy campaign and never satisfying the ever more educated public about your products or services.  Companies today are at the scrutiny of the world with Net Neutrality and with the new form of information at our disposal.  Companies, organizations, charities are all subject now to the scrutiny of the internet community and the trend is growing exponentially. Thus this is where we come in, we can direct you into the new trends of Honesty, Reasonableness, Ethics, and drive your profit margins to newer heights. Sometimes products that have created become bad for us and unwholesome to our society and our way of living. We require a new of thinking, thus sometimes it doesn’t take much to make your product more palatable and more acceptable to the consumer and to the critiques. We can provide with comprehensive tailored made modules that will safeguard your company branding and its ethics all while transitioning to a new and better product or services.

The time is now Ladies and Gentlemen for change to a world where we can all thrive and become the best we’ve ever can be.   There are always solutions to every problem, it is about having the courage and the strength to persue them with fevor and convinction.

So enjoy perusing through our website and our other domains and read articles watch videos and overall enjoy.  Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.



Jean-Claude Lafond

Chief Creative Producer

D.D.P. studios Inc.